Top 8 Super Foods for Winter

Super foods. What a brilliant concept: Simple, healthy foods teeming with antioxidants that patrol our bodies and smack down those villainous free radicals, thus taming cell destruction. Many say that the antioxidant action provided by superfoods protects against cancer and heart disease, among a host of other more common ills like the cold and flu. But here’s […]


So, it’s officially November with the holidays literally around the corner. If there is ever a time when stress can get the better of us, that time is now. Days are short, temperatures are cold, and the long to-do list is simply overwhelming. When confronted with stressful situations, the body goes into fight or flight […]

Cinnamon-Walnut Cookies

So, you still have that sweet tooth? Thought I’d pass along a gluten-free, dairy-free recipe which is super delicious, chock full of fiber-rich dates, walnuts with omega-3s, and delightfully powerful cinnamon. These yummy sweet-treats offer a clean, satisfying taste, sans a post-dessert hangover. Check it out! Makes 10 INGREDIENTS: 1 cup walnut halves and pieces […]

Omega-3’s – Big Boost for Brain and Body

I’ve mentioned the powerful benefits of Omega-3 consumption several times over. I feel very strongly that as a society and given the Standard American Diet (SAD), we simply do not consume enough of this healing nutrient. For centuries, fisherman collected oil from the livers of codfish and used it to soothe aching joints, troublesome skin […]

Curried Ginger and Carrot Soup

If you’re looking for a super tasty, warming soup, check out this recipe.  I love curry so much that I tend to use it in a lot of recipes, plus the lemongrass and ginger are super flavorful, as well. Hope you enjoy this soup as much as I do! Prep/cook time: 15 minutes to prepare […]

The AI diet – SHOPPING PART 2 (Meats, Oils and Dairy)

As we continue our shopping adventure for anti-inflammatory foods, let’s follow up with discussion on meats and fish, oils and dairy.  If you recall in my previous post, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet, I provided a list of anti-inflammatory foods which should be consumed in quantity and proportion to one another relative to the priority in which they […]