Gluten-Free Berry Fruit Pizza

Love this recipe…its easy and super delicious.  The crust is amazingly gluten-free and made with nutritious ingredients like almonds, coconut oil and raw honey!  Raw honey, although a sugar, contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. The vitamins found in honey may include (depending on floral variety) niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid; minerals present include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Cant say that for regular ol’ table sugar, now can we?



  • 1 3/4 cups raw almonds (or 1 1/4 cups almond meal)
  • 11/2 TBSP Coconut Oil
  • 10 fresh dates pitted
  • pinch of fresh nutmeg
  • 2 tsp of cinnamon
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 TBSP raw honey (keep adding honey until dough forms)


  • 16 oz of Greek Yogurt
  • several drops liquid stevia to taste (make sure to not go overboard as will taste bitter if too much stevia is added)
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries


1. Finely chop the nuts in a food processor (skip this step if using almond meal).

2. Add the oil, pitted dates, and the spices. Run all this through the food processor with the chopped nuts until it’s crumbs.

3. Transfer mixture to a mixing bowl, add honey, and mix to form a dough ball. Add more honey if needed.

4. Spread the dough into the bottom of a 9-inch pie pan, greased with coconut oil. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes, until the edges are just beginning to brown.

5. For filling, mix Greek yogurt with liquid Stevia and spread into the crust after it cools. Add your fruit in a pattern and place on top of yogurt. Chill and serve.

HINT #1: You can use any fruit you like, however, I chose berries for 2 reasons. For starters, berries do not oxidize in the same manner as compared to  bananas or apples.  Oxidation is what makes certain fruits turn brownish in color. Secondly, berries when in whole form, do not leech a lot of water.  Fruits which contain a lot of water, like peaches, kiwi, etc. will make your fruit pizza look a little less appetizing and may even make the crust a little soggy.

HINT#2: Always be mindful of The Dirty Dozen list when purchasing specific produce!

HINT#3: When purchasing spices, head to the bulk foods section of your local health food store.  Not only can you purchase species in bulk form at a much lower price, they tend to be much fresher.  Spices which sit for a while, like cinnamon and nutmeg, begin to not only lose flavor, but also much of their antioxidant power!

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