How Smoking Impacts Nutrition

Not so long ago, smoking was seen as a glamorous, sexy activity. Sure, it might appear harmless especially when resting on soft, pillowy lips surrounded by a youthful, smooth complexion. However, by today’s social standards, smoking is not nearly revered in the same favorable light of past! Aside from the fact that smoking is growing more […]

Almond Encrusted Chicken with Lemon Yogurt Sauce

Looking for something tasty and nutritious for dinner tonight?  Try this almond crusted chicken recipe with fresh yogurt lemon sauce.  Did you know that the almond is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, a medium-size tree that bears fragrant pink and white flowers? Like its cousins, the peach, cherry and apricot […]

Are you Gluten-Free?

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many diet trends come and go…grapefruit diets, liquid cleanses, cabbage soup diets, etc., but there is always a newer, more “effective” weight loss idea waiting in the wings. So, who’s the new kid on the block today? Just as going low-fat or low-carb had its time in the limelight, it seems like […]