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Nourish exists for 2 primary reasons:

1. as a vehicle to spread the word on how positive nutritional choices can lead to a long, vibrant pharmaceutical-free life and…

2. as an interactive forum in which we all can continue to gain knowledge from others who are passionate about nutrition and health!

In today’s world, it can be confusing as to what a “good” or “positive” nutritional choice is. There are a lot of ever-changing opinions out there as well as a number of dietary theories…low carb/Atkins, low-fat, high protein, living/raw food, food combining, macrobiotics, paleolithic, vegan, etc. With the breadth of data available, it’s simply hard to know what to do, or moreover, what not to do! Are eggs healthy or do they raise cholesterol? Are all saturated fats bad? What about alcohol, coffee, or pizza?  The big question is, how do any of us confidently know which food choices are right or wrong?

There are indeed nutritional solutions and steps each of us can employ to help prevent disease, stay strong and full of energy. Nutrition, like most things in this world, is NOT a “one size fits all” deal. What works for me, may not be the best solution for you.  To further, as we change through life, and as our body chemistry and hormonal network also changes, the diet that worked when we were younger may not work as effectively with age.  This is why we must not only remain open to change, but we must sincerely embrace it if we are ever to achieve optimal health.

If you follow my blog, this is what you can expect! I will consistently seek truth.  As much as there is not a “one size fits all” to healthy eating, there are fundamental truths which are applicable to all of us regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. As an example, the truth is that food preservatives, additives, fillers, artificial flavors and colors wreak havoc on the body, significantly compromising immunity and overall health.  Unfortunately, within the Standard American Diet (SAD), fake food ingredients are in just about every single processed food item on the market. I promote real, whole food choices. Also, in this blog, you will find a number of helpful articles which provide detailed information on seasonal whole foods, as well as a number of related super healthy and flavorful recipes.  I highly encourage participation and comments so please become involved and help me spread the word about healthy nutritional choices!

At Nourish, I will never promote the quick fix, but moreover, education which hopefully leads to inspiration! For those of you who desire to get healthy, lose weight, decrease your medication, reduce mind fog, increase energy, mitigate depression or anxiety, etc., you must accept responsibility for your own education as well as invest the TIME and HARD WORK. Hopefully you will find the information in this blog helpful, supportive and encouraging. I believe with all my heart, that when we nourish our bodies, not only do we look better and feel better, but the mind and heart opens and we become more capable of embracing a world of exciting, life-transforming possibilities!

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates, 400 BC.

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