Celebrate Spring – Eat Asparagus

As the cold season melts away, fresh greens, tender shoots, and young sprouts begin pushing their way through the warming soil. Green beans, peas and peppers are at their peak. Plump red strawberries and fragrant pineapples sweeten market shelves. The widening array of springtime produce is a harbinger of the larger harvest to come. Which brings […]

Food Star of the Week – Cranberry

In tribute to the soon upcoming Thanksgiving day, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss that infamous holiday berry, the cranberry! Not only does the cranberry boast a wonderful nutrient profile with claims as an extremely potent antioxidant, cranberries add a wonderful tart and sweet punch to a number of food dishes. A glossy, […]

Food Star of the Week – Coconut

This week’s Food Star might take you by surprise – the coconut! I simply cannot say enough about the coconut! Not only is it an amazingly versatile food in which the meat, juice, milk and oil can be used in a variety of dishes which reap a number of wonderful health benefits, but coconut has […]

Food Star of the Week

This week’s Food Star is near and dear to my heart – the Apple! Why do I love the apple so much? Well, for starters, apples are delicious. A ripe apple will taste sweet or tart and can vary in color from deep red to bright green, depending upon the variety. There are about 2500 […]