Why is MSG so Bad for You?

When I talk to people about the concept of healthy eating, inevitably we discuss processed foods and how most commercially produced food items are riddled with additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers.  Although the FDA would have us believe that these “food” chemicals are actually safe to consume, study after study reveals how the ingestion of […]

How Can You Protect Against Arthritis?

According to the Arthritis Foundation, nearly one out of three Americans has arthritis. Of these 66 million adults suffering from this severely debilitating autoimmune disease, 43 million have been diagnosed with arthritis and another 23 million live with chronic joint symptoms that have not been doctor-diagnosed. In fact, arthritis is one of the leading causes of […]

GMO-Free Foods

These brands, at the time of writing, source their ingredients from GMO-free supplies.  If you’re concerned about the very real threat that genetically modified organisms pose to our food supply and ultimate health, please purchase from these companies and contact them to let them know that you support and value their decision to use non-gmo soy, corn, […]

No to GMO

Happy Sunday from Nourish! Thought I’d pass along a little bit of information regarding GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). We’ve briefly discussed the concept of GMO’s in one of my previous posts in an attempt to distinguish the difference between a GMO and a hybrid. To further clarify, GMO’s are made by forcing genes from one species (such […]

Food Star of the Week

This week’s Food Star is near and dear to my heart – the Apple! Why do I love the apple so much? Well, for starters, apples are delicious. A ripe apple will taste sweet or tart and can vary in color from deep red to bright green, depending upon the variety. There are about 2500 […]