Exotic Fruits – Mangosteen

My little post on the Pineberry seemed to stir up quite a bit of interest which prompted me to run additional little segments on exotic fruits around the world. So, check it out….have you ever seen a mangosteen?  A mangosteen is a tropical fruit that grows in South East Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Although […]

How Seedy Are You?

Many people do not consider nuts or seeds healthy food sources as throughout the years they’ve been somewhat vilified, often referred to as being too high in fat and calories.  While it is true that nuts and seeds are high in both, shunning them from your diet for these reasons alone will have you missing […]

About Me

Welcome to Nourish!  If you are already following, THANK YOU! Please feel free to share with all of your friends and loved ones! Nourish exists for 2 primary reasons: 1. as a vehicle to spread the word on how positive nutritional choices can lead to a long, vibrant pharmaceutical-free life and… 2. as an interactive […]

How Can You Protect Against Arthritis?

According to the Arthritis Foundation, nearly one out of three Americans has arthritis. Of these 66 million adults suffering from this severely debilitating autoimmune disease, 43 million have been diagnosed with arthritis and another 23 million live with chronic joint symptoms that have not been doctor-diagnosed. In fact, arthritis is one of the leading causes of […]

3 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Looking to make a few positive changes for the new year? Well, here are a couple of suggestions which will not only bring positive change for the new year to come, but for a lifetime! Stop drinking soda: Did you know that Americans spend over $66 billion a year on soda and other sugary carbonated […]

Juicing vs. Blending…which is better?

As we continue on our nutritional journey, we know that consuming as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible is key to optimum health.  Juicing has become a very popular means of eating raw veggies and fruits, however, so has blending.  What’s the difference?  Juicing removes the fibrous parts of the plant (peeling, seeds, pulp, […]

Detox with Food

As 2012 rolls around, many of us are looking to detox from the Christmas overload of sugar, fat, alcohol, etc. Well, forget the pills, colonics and magical potions! You don’t need to invest in obscure ingredients, and you certainly don’t need to suffer by starving yourself or going on a juice cleanse. You can give […]

Best Foods for Dry Skin

Problem skin creeps up on most people from time to time, especially during the winter when its is dry outside. Dry skin is further exacerbated by wind, temperature extremes and indoor heating, all of which cause redness, rough patches and an overall tight and itchy feeling. Beauty experts and various magazines talk a lot about how to care for […]

Raw Chocolate Tart

Super easy and extremely decadent! Perfect for the holidays! INGREDIENTS:  3 c Pecans 1 c Dates, pitted and decrowned 2 c Cacao powder 2 c Agave 1 c Coconut Oil DIRECTIONS: Crust: Place the pecans into food processor and run on high until a fine powder. Add in the dates 2 at a time until […]